Exclusive: Personal Interview with Jimmy Johnson – Part 5 (Series)


Exclusive: Personal Interview with Jimmy Johnson – Part 5 (Series)
Silver and Blue Report – By Randy Maltz
This face-to-face interview was taken inside Cowboys Stadium a few days after the Super Bowl, during the Crown Royal Jimmy Bowl.

Anything in particular you steered him on?

Oh, I think – I’d prefer to let Jason tell you that!

Coach, since you played in college, coached in college and coached in the pros, who were some of your influences growing up, coaching and playing?

Oh, that’s really hard for me to say, Chuck Fairbanks was highly organized.  Johnny Majors was very passionate and very enthusiastic.   Joe Gibbs was my defensive end coach when I was defensive coordinator at Arkansas.  I’ve had the pleasure of coaching with some great coaches …  Jim McKenzie when he was at Arkansas,  Frank Broyles at Arkansas,  Hayden Fry, and some of the old timers.  So, I’ve been fortunate to coach with some outstanding coaches over the years.

To go along with that, do you think those leadership skills are something you are born with or are they developed over time?

I think you’re personality has a lot to do with your leadership.  Also, I think you are born with it and I think the way you’re raised by your parents as much as anything else.

What came more naturally, coaching football or playing football?

Oh, playing, playing is a game, coaching is a job.

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