Exclusive: Personal Interview with Jimmy Johnson – Part 4 (Series)


Exclusive: Personal Interview with Jimmy Johnson – Part 4 (Series)
Silver and Blue Report – By Randy Maltz
This face-to-face interview was taken inside Cowboys Stadium a few days after the Super Bowl, during the Crown Royal Jimmy Bowl.

Jimmy what’s your impression of Rob Ryan?

I like it! I told Jerry it I thought it was a great move.  I’ve been impressed with what he’s done with defensive teams with both the Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns.  He’s got a lot of passion for the game.  I think he’s a good mix with Jason Garret.  With Jason being the head coach and being involved with the offense, I think Ryan is going to do an outstanding job with the defense.

Do you think he needs to bring anyone in as far as offensive coordinator or do you like the idea of the head coach doing that?

Well, I’ve said this many times and Jason knows it … I like for the head coach to have his hand in all three phases.  He can have his hand in all three phases and still be involved with one phase, but I think if you’re involved with actually doing the game plan, the play calling etc., I think it takes away from the other two phases.  So I’d prefer a head coach to be a delegator.  But the reason I like it is because that’s the way I did it.  But some are so good, like for instance Norv Turner is a such a great play caller, it would be a shame to take him away from calling plays and … offense.  But if you’re going to be successful that way you have got to be really good with your assistant coaches as far as the special teams coach and the other phase the defense or the offense.

You’re a great talent evaluator, so in your estimation, how big is the gap between the Cowboy’s talent level right now and the Green Bay Packers?

You know, really, talent wise, I think everybody – it was a consensus that the Cowboys were talented last year.  But I thought they were a sloppy team.  They had too many penalties and they had too many crucial turnovers.  That’s why they lost some of their close games.  But, I thought they had a talented team.  Now, obviously you always need more talent, and you try to improve your team every year, but I don’t question the talent on this football team.

Coach, you said that Jason came down to the Keys, but have you  heard from him, in terms of advise since he was hired…

Yes, I’ve talked to Jason a couple of different times, after he got the job.  I sent him a little note and couple of words of advice.  And, I’ve talked to him on the phone a couple of times since then, in fact I talked to him last week in person.  So, we’ve been in contact and as I said  before I think he’s doing a great job, he’s got a good start already.

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