Exclusive: Personal Interview with Jimmy Johnson – Part 3 (Series)


Exclusive: Personal Interview with Jimmy Johnson – Part 3 (Series)
Silver and Blue Report – By Randy Maltz
This face-to-face interview was taken inside Cowboys Stadium a few days after the Super Bowl, during the Crown Royal Jimmy Bowl.

Please tell us about about how cold you were at the Super Bowl.

You know I’m not accustomed to being cold, living in the Florida Keys.  Even though it was highly unusual for Dallas to have this cold weather, it was really unusual for me to be in this cold weather!

Coach, I know that you’ve been asked this a lot, do you have a lot of moments where you miss coaching?

I don’t really miss coaching, I mean on game days, on Sundays, obviously I’m real busy watching the games with Fox NFL Sunday.  I might miss the adrenaline flow and the excitement.  But, I love my lifestyle now.  I love working with Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long, Strayhan, Curt Menefee and our group.  We have a ball, and then on top of that I’ve got time for my family outside of football.

Going with that same question, do you have any thoughts in the future to possibly take a position like a GM on a team or similar capacity?

No, I’ve had some opportunities just in the last couple of years to be a general manager or a consultant and I’m not interested in doing anything other than keeping my lifestyle the way it is right now.

Can you talk more about Jason Garrett being hired by the Dallas Cowboys? What was your initial reaction when you heard he was going to be the coach going forward?

Well, I’m really happy for Jason.  Jason is a very passionate coach, very intelligent; he has prepared himself well for this opportunity.  He came down to the Keys a couple years ago and spent some time with me, just getting ready for the time when he was going to become a head coach.  So he’s prepared himself well.  I see where he’s hiring Mike Woicik, who was my strength coach.  Mike has six Superbowl rings.  So, Jason’s doing it the right way and I think they’ll be a drastically improved team over what they were a year ago.

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