2011 NFL Draft: Are the Dallas Cowboys Considering Drafting Cam Newton?


2011 NFL Draft: Are the Dallas Cowboys Considering Drafting Cam Newton?
By Matt Miselis
Bleacher Report

As the NFL Combine began today, one of the more interesting storylines is the Dallas Cowboys showing interest in Heisman winner Cam Newton.

ESPN Dallas reported the former Auburn quarterback will be among the 60 prospects that owner Jerry Jones interviews over the next few days.

“I think obviously that position of quarterback you’re immediately going to start looking for leadership,” Jones said. “You’re going to start looking for intangibles, and his physical abilities are pretty good. As far as in an interview, you’re looking for a guy who is going to be the face of your organization that you feel like will be a leader for your team and is a winner.”

My initial reaction is the idea that the Cowboys may be losing faith in Tony Romo. Though Romo is under contract for the next few years, maybe Jones is losing hope that Romo is the quarterback that can the Cowboys back to the promised land.

There have been some rumors that Romo wants out of Dallas (I haven’t personally seen it); maybe the Cowboys are internally considering moving Romo and could draft Newton as insurance.

From an athletic standpoint, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Cowboys are showing interest.

The argument is out there of Cam Newton not being able to fit in Jason Garrett’s offense. However, Jones always calls the final shots, and drafting Newton can’t be ruled out of the equation.

Newton’s physical tools are very attracting to an owner like Jerry Jones, who is always looking for players that create a buzz on his team.

The ruling from many draft experts is the offensive line and the secondary are bigger needs. Though, we must keep in mind there could be some big free agents on the market and players such as Nnamdi Asomugha will be targeted by the Cowboys.

There is a good chance Newton falls to the No. 9 overall pick in the draft and is drafted by Dallas.

The scenario is still possible of Newton staying on the sidelines for a year or two and then take the reins once his overall game improves.

This story could be nothing or it can be the beginning of an interesting story involving the draft’s most popular prospect and the leagues most popular team.

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