Would Garrett-Ryan relationship work?


Would Garrett-Ryan relationship work?
By Tim MacMahon
ESPN Dallas

If Jason Garrett just wants to hire a brilliant defensive mind with a 3-4 background, he can stop searching.

However, the Cowboys’ search for a defensive coordinator isn’t that simple. If it was, they wouldn’t have waited as long as they did to start pursuing Rob Ryan.

Garrett is looking for a brilliant defensive mind that would be a great fit on his coaching staff. The question isn’t whether Rex’s twin brother can come up with schemes to return the Dallas defense to respectability. It’s whether the buttoned-down Garrett believes one of Buddy’s brash boys would work well for him.

The personalities of Garrett and Ryan are pretty much polar opposites. Garrett is a prim, proper Princeton graduate who prefers the one-message way of running a team. Ryan, like his brother, has a wild side and tends to be quite colorful when confronted with notebooks and microphones.

But Ryan has worked for Garrett-like personalities in the past. He spent four seasons as Bill Belichick’s linebackers coach with the Patriots. He was the Browns’ defensive coordinator the last two seasons under Eric Mangini.

If you ask my opinion – and Garrett won’t – Ryan seems like an outstanding option. The Cowboys need a defensive coordinator with fire and creativity, and he’d supply plenty of those two attributes. I figure Garrett would respect Ryan’s passion for football, which would be enough of a common bond for two completely different men to work together.

But Garrett is the guy who needs to be convinced.

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