Don’t discount Todd Bowles’ candidacy


Don’t discount Todd Bowles’ candidacy
By Todd Archer
ESPN Dallas

IRVING, Texas — The Cowboys decision to bring Todd Bowles back for an interview should not be viewed as a mere formality.

Bowles is an intriguing candidate. He played for eight seasons in the NFL for Washington and San Francisco. He has been an NFL assistant coach since 2000 with the New York Jets, Cleveland, the Cowboys and Miami.

He has been the Dolphins’ assistant head coach for the last three years under Tony Sparano after spending 2005-07 as the Cowboys’ secondary coach.

Other teams see him as a legitimate head coach candidate. Bowles had two interviews with Detroit in 2009 before the Lions settled on Jim Scwhartz and also interviewed with Denver, losing out to Josh McDaniels.

He is a tough-minded coach and players respond to him. Anthony Henry had his best season under Bowles in Cleveland and Dallas. Terence Newman went to a Pro Bowl. So did Ken Hamlin. In Miami, Yeremiah Bell went to a Pro Bowl.

Calvin raised the point in an earlier blog post of Bowles possibly becoming the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator should Jason Garrett become the head coach, as expected. To do so the Dolphins would have to let him out of his contract, like former owner Wayne Huizenga did with Garrett, or Bowles would have to be at the end of his deal.

Teams only have to grant permission to other teams for head coaching interviews, not what would be called a promotion. Would new Miami owner Stephen Ross allow Bowles to walk?

But allow me to back up to the 2007 search again. The Cowboys interviewed Ron Rivera, then Chicago’s defensive coordinator, after the Bears lost to Indianapolis in the Super Bowl. The theory that made its way around was that if Rivera could have convinced Jones he could run a 3-4 defense, then Norv Turner would have been named head coach.

Ultimately, Jones went with Phillips because of his 3-4 skill.

Just something to think about as Dallas goes through the head coaching process this time around.

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