Sham: I’ve always thought Tony Romo reminded me of Don Meredith a little


Sham: I’ve always thought Tony Romo reminded me of Don Meredith a little
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Dallas Cowboys radio broadcaster Brad Sham chatted with fans on Tuesday and answered questions about the team and their season. Here are some highlights:

Does the defense look different after the departure of Wade Phillips?

It’s playing a little different scheme. Less man to man, less blitzing, more zone. That’s because of the injuries and the way the secondary was reeling at the time. The whole team looks a little different, but they were just in a bad rut and Wade wasn’t going to be able to get them out of it. Doesn’t make him less a football coach. It just wasn’t working.

Why would the Cowboys want Tony Romo to play in potentially meaningless games at the end of the season?

I think there are 2 answers. (1) Football players play. If the quarterback is healthy, he needs to play. His teammates are busting their butts. He doesn’t get a vacation. He’s getting paid for 16 games. (2) I don’t believe they’ve said they wanted him to. I think they’ve said they’d just let it be a medical decision. At least I know that’s what Garrett’s said every time he’s been asked. I think it’s moot anyway. From what I hear, it doesn’t sound to me like he’ll be medically ready.

Tell us your impressions of Don Meredith: his Cowboys legacy and his effect on sports journalism.

I liked him a lot, wished I’d seen him play. His teammates all tell me he was as tough at it got, and I think teams need his personality type. I’ve always thought Romo reminded me of Don a little. His Cowboys legacy is that he was their first great quarterback. Yes, he was great and one of their first and best leaders.

I think he had a big effect on sports casting. I don’t know about the journalism part. I think Don never set out to be a reporter. He was an entertainer. I thought he was a decent actor. I think he blazed a trail for athletes-turned-entertainers, even in the broadcast booth. Pat Summerall is probably the all time best athlete turned broadcaster, but in a completely different way than Don.

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