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I am confused.  One one hand, I want Dallas to kick the Washington Redskins butt.  On the other hand, I want want what is best for the future for the Dallas Cowboys football team.  Does that mean that it will take a loss to Washington, along with Arizona and Philly to get a better position in the NFL Draft and/or change out portion of the coaching staff?  Hell, yes it does!  It seems like Jason Garrett could be the HC next season (up to JJ), but having a top 5 draft pick in each round would be incredible.  You can actually parlay that #5 draft pick to a nice group of picks in the first 2 rounds.  Yes, Dallas could do wonders with quality players.  Does that mean we should play our younger talent in the last three games to evaluate …. YES!  This year is a lost cause, since there is absolutely no chance for playoffs.  Is there really a big difference if we are 7-9 or 6-10 or 5-11?

Go Cowboys!  Randy

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