The Good, the Bad & the Ugly


The Good, the Bad & the Ugly!
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First of all congratulations to Jason Garrett on starting his era with a great signature win. Beating one of the hottest teams, a divisional rival and in their own house is quite an accomplishment. Team responded to his coaching and had their best game of the season. Here is my good, bad & the ugly:


-You can make an argument that Dez Bryant is the most impressive Cowboy rookie in their entire history. A very bold statement, but having seven td’s in 9 games, with really no training camp, is simply remarkable. His TD catch is the first half was one of the best catches I have seen, which energized the entire team. Their is no ceiling to what heights Dez Bryant can reach.

-Jon Kitna looked like he was 25 years old again. Protected the football, took what the defense gave him and connected on several big passing plays. The most impressive play was on the 3rd andd 22, when he hit Roy Williams down the sideline. Have full confidence in him, even at his age that he can handle the #2 QB duties now and moving forward.

-Welcome back Felix Jones. The burst has finally returned. You looked like the player that we saw at the end of last season: home run hitter!

-Terrific coaching all around. Garrett called a very balance attack in which the play action passes actually worked. Paul P. did an unbelievable job considering the offense he faced and how thin the secondary was with several injuries.

-Didn’t give up one sack all game long, along with opening many running lanes. You met the challenge and passed with flying colors.

-McCann-made the game-changing play with the interception TD return, but also held is own with a very explosive WR in Nicks.

-Scandrick/Ball-both have been the team’s whipping boys, but really had productive days. Scandrick had his best game in a real long-time, where Alan Ball sealed the victory, when he jumped a route.

-Penalties/Turnovers-I believe the offense had just 2 penalties and protected the football. One turnover which was the kind you don’t mind, not in your own end!


-The pass rush failed to bring pressure against a banged up offensive line. Demarcus Ware/Butler are the only players who even got close. Understand not much blitzing was called, but they need to do a better job getting to the QB.

-Mike Jenkins-karma baby! How fitting you get injured making a tackle. Hopefully, this experience will humble you and make you understand playing in this league is a privledge.

-Austin/Witten-did you guys only play a few snaps? I understand Witten helped with protection, but Austin needs to become a big part of the offense. Not seeing the explosive plays all too much.


-The David Buehler experiment as our PK needs to be shutdown. Once again, failed to make a managable FG in crunchtime and had an extra point attempted blocked. Kicking the ball out of bounds, also isn’t good. Time to find his replacement, who knows Nick Folk maybe released tomorrow morning.

-Barber-if what is being reported is indeed true, you need to first be fined and next be benched. Tough spot for Jason Garrett, but his actions will send a message to the entire team. Must show the iron fist with him this week. Make him an inactive game day player, until he proves he is not bigger than the team. Barber’s fate has probably been already sealed, but this will make it a certainty.

I do not want to hear about any more Head Coaching Candidates, until the end of the season. Jason Garrett has earned that right with his victory today. He is off to a great start, but still has 7 more games to be evaluated.

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