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Why Romo should come back and start.
By Robert Schwartz – Our own featured writer at Silver and Blue Report

It seems like the reasonable approach.  Put Tony Romo on IR and don’t let him risk a bigger injury coming back early.  The backup is doing a fine job keeping the team competitive.  The interim coach is in the middle of the longest job interview in his life.  We’re in line for a top 10 draft pick given the strength of the remaining schedule.

When Romo went down in week 7, staring at a 1-5 record, the season was “over.”  At least as far as a home-town Super Bowl, the division, or even the playoffs.  But the season isn’t over until the final gun of week 17.  It’s not really over until the Super Bowl, the draft rankings, and the Owners Meetings.

This is why you bring Romo back as early as possible and give him to Jason Garrett.  There’s more to this season then shattered dreams, bad coaching, and unfulfilled potential.  Wade Phillips had one last chance to remain as head coach, and blew it.  So there’s one thing after the season “ended”, we know Wade won’t be the coach next year for sure.

We’re learning about Garrett as head coach.  Jerry Jones will look around at options, but he’s had his eye on Garrett as head coach for years.

If you REALLY want to see if Garret is the right choice next year, if you REALLY want to give him an audition, then give him Romo and see what he can do.  Can they beat Philly in week 17?  Can they treat the Cardinals like the team “we thought they were”? Give this squad, this coach, and the fans 2 good weeks of the team getting the structure they need with the starting QB working in this offense.

People might complain that Garrett is getting the job handed to him, but if you ARE going to give him a long job interview, then make sure you don’t have ANY questions left when the season ends.

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