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After that New York Giants game, I felt like the Cowboys were “back”.  Wow … for those die-hard Cowboys fans (like me) that win felt great.  I know it is too late this season for the playoffs (unless they run the table), but boy did they react to the new coaching philosophy of Jason Garrett.  I have been saying for months (actually years), that if Dallas did promote Jason Garrett to take over Wade Phillips as Head Coach, maybe something special would happen.  I knew Jerry Jones must have had a great reason to go after Jason Garrett, when he had the chance.  Jerry Jones did not give him 3.5 million to Garrett be the OC without a great reason.  Jerry knew there was something very special about him.  I kept thinking about Sean Payton (at New Orleans) and how he has developed into a better Head Coach, than he was an Offensive Coordinator.  Over and over, I kept thinking to myself that maybe Jason Garrett, could follow in Sean Payton’s footsteps … s0-so OC … great HC.  I know it is way too early, but I really like everything I am reading and hearing about Jason Garrett.  If Jason Garrett ends up getting the Cowboys Head Coaching position next year (likely), he is getting a fantastic head start on evaluating the Cowboys players on the team.  Why wait until training camp and preseason, when it can be started now.  If there is an NFL strike, which is very probable, then the Cowboys are getting an 8 game head start on evaluations.  I love it!!!!!!!  Go Cowboys!  Randy

One of the best quotes I have seen lately … (about Jason Garrett)

“Within five minutes of the meeting, it was very clear — his approach, his demeanor, his message, exactly where he stands and expects from us,” linebacker Keith Brooking said. “It’s not just one guy buying in. It’s not just 20 guys buying in. It’s 53 guys plus practice squad, plus all the coaches and everybody buying in. It’s got to be all in. It takes everyone and we did that.”

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