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Watch for “Cowboys Idol” (coaches) below!!!

The ‘Boys are out of time! It’s time for the leaders of this team to show up and find out what they are made of.  The ‘Boys have become a dysfunctional team. They are not mentally tough, nor are they physically tuff. Every offensive team we go against, can penetrate right through our D-line. The D-line isn’t getting much pressure on the quarterback. The O-line doesn’t pass block or run block all that well. Doug Free grades out the best O-lineman and he is the newby! Since Felix Jones bulked up, he doesn’t seem to run well. Barber is a turf runner, but he shouldn’t be the starter. He gets worn down as a starter. Felix should not start either. We have seen Felix the past few weeks and he hasn’t got the job done. Give Tashard Choice a chance to see what he can do.

As far as the current situation goes … Tony Romo did go down, he does not play defense, does he? Step it up defense and run the ball down the throats of teams.  Steelers won their first 3 games without Ben Rothlesberger, because the defense and running game stepped it up..

Jones needs to hire a no-nonsense coach like Bill Cower or Jon Gruden to instill some much needed discipline to bring back a good running game and a much tougher defensive mentality.

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