Does Jason Garrett Deserve A Shot At The Full Time Job in 2011?


Dallas Cowboys: Does Jason Garrett Deserve A Shot At The Full Time Job in 2011?
By Chris Faig – Bleacher Report

It’s apparent that a coaching change was exactly what the Dallas Cowboys needed, and now Jason Garrett will be attempting to make his case to secure the head job for the future.

Garrett’s first opponent as head coach for the Dallas Cowboys was no walk in the park, going up against their division rival, the New York Giants.

Garrett got the Cowboys to perform the best they have this entire season, coming away with the 33-20 victory.

After the game, Garrett told reporters “I think our guys did play hard.  I think they fought each and every play, I think they fought for each other, I think they fought through different adversities.”

Garrett has already gained tremendous respect from veterans like Keith Brooking, who told reporters “Within five minutes of the [initial] meeting, it was very clear—his approach, his demeanor, his message, exactly where he stands and expects from us.  It’s not just one guy buying in.  It’s not just 20 guys buying in.  It’s 53 guys plus practice squad, plus all the coaches and everybody buying in.  It’s got to be all in.  It takes everyone and we did that.”

Jerry Jones has made it clear that Jason Garrett has a fair shot at securing the head coaching job for the future.  Jones has even said that Garrett’s future won’t necessarily be determined by the amount of wins or losses he records.  With the huge win over the Giants, getting the Cowboys to play at an extremely high level, Garrett’s future is looking mighty fine as of now.

Sure, it’s only one win, but with top competition remaining on the schedule in teams like New Orleans, Indianapolis, Philadelphia (twice) and Washington, Jason Garrett and the Cowboys have plenty of more opportunities to make some serious statements.

The way the Cowboys played this past Sunday against the Giants, proved that they can contend against elite competition.  Dallas fans can continue to hope that the Cowboys can win out the rest of their schedule and quite possibly make the playoffs.  Although it’s not very likely, it is still possible.  The players on Dallas’ roster have seemed to respond extremely positive to Jason Garret, exhibiting a ton of heart this past game.

Going up against the 2-7 Detroit Lions at home, the Cowboys should pick up a W.

Then the schedule gets very tough.

The next four weeks, Dallas goes up against the Saints, Colts, Eagles and Redskins.  If the Cowboys can win against the Lions and three of those four teams, Garrett will most likely be the head coach of the future unless Jerry Jones decides to hire a retired coach like Tony Dungy, Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden or Brian Billick.

The future is unknown for Jason Garrett, but he can make Jerry Jones’ decision very difficult if he can lead the Dallas Cowboys to a successful finish.

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