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Some thoughts on Cowboys and Life
By Robert Schwartz – Our own featured writer at Silver and Blue Report

When was the last time the Cowboy’s season was over in week 7?  We’ve had some pretty good runs over the years, but a fair share of bad records also.  I know that we’re not mathematically eliminated yet, but we were already a long shot for the playoffs before Romo went down in the week 7 game.  I can point to that and say, “Yup, here during week 7, from now on, it’s really all about the first pick in the draft.”  When was the last time this happened?  We’ve been “in the hunt” pretty much since Tuna took over.  We made the playoffs in 2003, his first year, but we were 5-7 with the whole NFC East left to play in week 13.  We weren’t “out of it” until week 14. That was the year Quincy Carter got evicted from the Cowboys HQ in pre-season, backup Vinny Testeverde becomes the starter at age 41.  Eddie George was our starting RB at age 31.  Not a lot of expectations there.  Even then, near the end of the season, a rookie Julius Jones put up stellar numbers and making that playoff run credible. George Bush defeated John Kerry for President, Anchorman, the Legend of Ron Burgundy was the #31 movie of the year, the Lost guys just got Lost.  That’s pretty far back, but it’s not as grim as it is in 2010.  And in 2004 we had Ron Burgundy.  In 2000 – 2002 we had some bad years, but we were out in the 9th week each year, but we had the Emmitt Smith record.  Even with the Quincy Carter/Chad Hutchinson mess, it wasn’t over this early.  Those were lean seasons, and we had 9/11 in the middle of it all.

How long ago do you have to look back for a season like this one?  1989.  A guy named “Paul Palmer” was the leading rusher, with over twice as many carrier as, guess who?  Moose Johnston (112 to 67).  Steve Walsh started a mess of games for us.  Troy Aikman, to his credit, DID have more sacks (19) then interceptions (18).  The season started with Tom Landry getting fired, Troy Aikman being drafted, and a miserable string of defeats, leading to a high draft pick the following year named “Emmitt Smith”.  So you have to go back 21 years to find the last time this happened.  In 1989 the Berlin Wall was taken down, US Troops invaded Panama and grabbed Manuel Noriega, “You are the Wind Beneath my Wings” was burning up the charts, and Kevin Costner was “Dancing with Wolves”.  We’ll start debating exactly when or why this team, built to win the year Jerry’s House hosted the Super Bowl, fell out of contention.  A lot of changes will be made.  But we’ve had 21 years in between a run this bad.  Some fans don’t get 2 years of success in a row.  Also, we have a lot of young talent.  We’re clearly cruising for a high draft pick.  Hopefully we’ll have a new Head Coach with full control over his staff.  If it all goes like last time, this should be the start of another 20 year stretch of success.

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