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Five Guys
By Robert Schwartz – Our own featured writer at Silver and Blue Report

Five “just guys” can do pretty good if they are coached up and work as a team.  For example, the 2009 pro-bowl had no Steelers or Cardinals on the O-Line.  Of course 2010 is a bad example, but if you start peeling it back, you’ll see that this is a pretty substantial trend.  One caveat, o-lineman are pretty anonymous so a little Superbowl TV exposure often catapults them into the pro-bowl when their playing alone wouldn’t have.  One last thing, the most talented O-Line of all times (Cincinnati in the 1980’s) never won a Superbowl.  The most heralded O-line of all times, the “Hogs” weren’t that individually talented.  But boy could they work as a team.

I’m always going to defend the o-line though.  Unless they are personally playing selfish or not putting in the work to learn their assignments.  Just from the law of averages, about 1/2 the teams should dominate on the line and 1/2 the teams should be destroyed every game.  You just don’t see this.  The truth is the rules are stacked in their favor, and even a bad coach knows how to chip, pull, cut, chop, blast, veer, double, etc.  In fact, there’s at least 9 things I can think of off the top of my head to address talent/skill gaps.  And that’s not counting plays that take advantage of a bad line (screens, counters, etc).

Until I see us call rushing plays 50% of the game AND we still can’t get some “W”‘s, I think we have a chance.  It’s all in Garret’s head.  We have  the bye for the coaches to really digest the film from Washington (they never believed we were committed to the run, and they only had 7 men in the box) and Chicago (2 things: giving up on the run in the first quarter, as well as letting them scheme us out of our pass rush with motion).

There’s some obvious fixes for the gorilla farts we put on film.  And the tough teams we’re about to face only have the gorilla farts to prepare for.  We’re only 1 game out of the division lead.  If we can ditch the clown shoes, get some rhythm on offense, and don’t think our Defense is so good that we don’t have to adjust to the offense scheme, then we’ll be in the driver seat for the NFC east by mid-season.  And IF we make the playoffs (PLAYOFFS????  PLAYOFFS?? thanks Coach Mora) I look forward to the rematch with Chicago.  A lot.

I have some food for thought.  Attitude.  I’m a huge Tony Romo fan, but I do have some criticism.  Troy Aikman was a nice guy, polite and quiet.  On the field, he was a mean bastard.  During our good run in the 90’s, every team, every announcer, and every fan knew that as soon as the Cowboys got the ball, it was trouble.  We have the talent to do that.  We need the attitude.  Just think about third and long.  In the 90’s, third and long meant an automatic first down because we had the Mullet in the Middle.  Now on third and long, you won’t see a standard pro-set with 2 receivers an end and 2 backs.  You’ll see a stretch Offense with Jason Witten being covered by a nickle or dime.  You just CAN’T have the right attitude running the stretch.  And remember, the stretch offense was invented by bad college teams that didn’t have the talent to run a full flexible offense out of a standard pro-set.  If you have enough talent, it’s always better to line up and punch them in the face.  The rules are stacked in your favor.

And yeah, we need to ditch some more pro-bowlers on the line this off-season and try to get some younger cheaper deeper talent.  But we DON’T need to blow 2 first round picks to trade for another 30+ superstar.  Five “just guys”.  That’s all you need to win.

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