Jerry Jones Facing Sexual Assault


Jerry Jones Facing Sexual Assault (WOW .. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY .. Randy)
By FanHouse Staff

Jerry Jones is facing a very bizarre lawsuit that includes allegations of sexual assault; theft; false imprisonment, violation of privacy; obstruction of justice and stalking. The lawsuit was filed by Patricia Gavin, a former captain in the U.S. Air Force.

The lawsuit alleges that the incident took place on the same night that Jones was caught, possibly intoxicated, in a now-infamous video. Gavin is contending that at about 2 a.m. of the night in question, Jones obstructed her exit, shoved her against the wall of a bathroom and told her, “You aren’t going anywhere. I planned this when you walked in” before sexually assaulting her.

The lawsuit then contends that Jones told Gavin he had arranged for he and his driver to take her home, instead taking her to a parking garage, where Jones offered Gavin money and began advancing on her.

In addition, Gavin claims that her purse, which contained $2 million (British sterling) among her passport and other identification, was stolen on the night in question and that to get Gavin to drop the litigation, Jones’ advisers gave her enough GHB to put her “in a coma.”

It should be noted that on Sept. 20, Gavin was issued a restraining order prohibiting her from contacting Jones, his family, or anyone with the Cowboys.

A Texas woman known to subpoena celebrities in various court cases over the years submitted a handwritten filing in federal court that alleges she was assaulted by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones — a document that could put 51-year-old Patricia Gavin in more legal jeopardy than Jones.

Officials at the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas have sealed that filing, which was distributed all over the internet on Monday. The filing is not considered a lawsuit and Gavin told FanHouse that she is representing herself as she seeks $500 million plus attorney fees.

A source with knowledge of the case said the Jones’ representatives will ask the U.S. Attorney’s Office to charge Gavin with making a false claim.

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