Drew Pearson: Cowboys need to bring in someone totally opposite of Wade Phillips


Drew Pearson: Cowboys need to bring in someone totally opposite of Wade Phillips
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Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Drew Pearson was interviewed on KESN-FM to discuss the Cowboys and the possibility of firing head coach Wade Phillips. Here are some highlights:

If Jerry Jones decides to fire Wade Phillips in the offseason, what sort of coach will he have to hire to complete reverse the current culture of the team?

That’s a good point. Maybe all of the bad things have set in with this football team and they have a false hope/idea of what it takes to win. And you’re right, those kinds of things can set in if you’re not doing it the right way. There’s only one way to play this game of NFL football and that is with a lot of dedication and a lot of commitment and all of that. So you’ve got to wonder if the core of this football team is ruined by that. That’s why if you’re going to make a change, you need to make a dramatic change. You need to come in and bring somebody in that is a total opposite of what Wade Phillips has been or is with this Dallas Cowboys football team. Somebody that’s more of a disciplinarian and someone who will make these players accountable and bring back the core values that it takes to be successful that these guys might be missing because of the leadership that they are under right now.

On Dez Bryant displaying a negative attitude during the game because he was not getting the ball enough and then not making enough of an effort to make the catch when they threw the ball to him on third-down with the season on the line: Amen, he needs to quit trippin’. If he wants the ball, practice. You’re missing practice, you’re always hurt, and you’re a rookie. Earn your stripes. That situation and that play, you make that catch in that situation, now you’ve got a stripe, and now you’ve got a chance to gain more stripes because the quarterback and the coach and offensive coordinator will have more confidence in you. All that pouting and stuff, ‘give me the ball’, that’s not right. When Michael Irvin did it he backed it up. He got the ball and he did something with it, he was very vocal like that, I was very vocal like that… Dez has to earn his stripes and quit trippin’, it’s not about him, it’s about the team. If he thought it was more about the team than himself, then he would have made the catch in that tough situation. That’s what I want to see from number 88… Show me that if you’re going to wear that number, the double eights, show me that you’re going to make that tough catch over the middle when the teams needs you on a third-down situation. Michael Irvin did that, Drew Pearson did that, and now needs to figure out how to do that.

What kind of coach should the Cowboys bring in to replace Wade Phillips?

I think the guy they need to bring in, as I said is the totally opposite of Wade. A disciplinarian, a guy that’s a ‘holler, holler” guy, emotional guy that wears his emotion on his sleeve and the team can feel that, the team can see that. See if that will change things around.

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