Dallas Cowboys NFC East’s biggest threat


Dallas Cowboys NFC East’s biggest threat
Adam Schefter ESPN

Q: Who do you think will end up taking the NFC East this year? No one team seems to be head and shoulders above any of the other three.

— Casey (Largo, Fla.)

A: Very intriguing division, Casey, and not in the way that many expected. It used to be that this division had some of the league’s preeminent teams — and it still might. But early on, each has looked vulnerable, and not one has stood out above the others. Dallas still has the most individual talent, but this doesn’t clinch the division for the Cowboys. The Philadelphia Eagles are fighting the injury bug. The New York Giants looked more like the Giants of old Sunday night. And the Washington Redskins still have won as many games as any team in the division. So it looks fairly wide open, with the Dallas Cowboys still being the most dangerous team in the division.

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