Cowboys will have NFL look into celebration penalty


Cowboys will have NFL look into celebration penalty
Todd Archer / Reporter

The Cowboys will have the NFL look at the excessive celebration penalty called on Marc Colombo after Jason Witten’s game-tying touchdown in the fourth quarter Sunday and will have a good voice in the Competition Committee room on the matter in Stephen Jones.

After a chest bump with Witten, Colombo stumbled, fell to the ground and did a somersault. The officials determined he “went to the ground in celebration” which violated the letter of the law. Wade Phillips does not believe officials should judge intent.

“They are not supposed to and I don’t think you want them to,” Phillips said. “The only thing you can do if they go to the ground is pray. They can’t throw a foul on that.”

Phillips said the matter will be discussed with the team, just as it was in the 2008 opener when Terrell Owens got in a track stance as a tribute to Usain Bolt at Cleveland.

“I never thought – and it’s probably my fault – I never thought the guy would fall down and that would be a penalty,” Phillips said.

But he does not want to take the emotion out of the game.

“I think if you don’t get excited about scoring, and especially coming back from 14 points down I think you lose what you have,” Phillips said. “You don’t want no emotion for your team but certainly we don’t need any penalties. And we’re not going to have any.”

Keith Brooking was unaware why a flag was thrown on Sunday and saw a replay on Monday.

“It’s unbelievable, that call, now that I’ve got an understanding of it,” Brooking said. “He fell on the ground. I don’t think that was orchestrated. I don’t think that was premeditated. I don’t think it was something that was planned. Obviously, they were playing the game … This is a game of emotion. Two of the guys on this team who would never do something like that at all, it’s Colombo and Witten.”

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