Just Chill: Cowboys saving grace may be a bad division


Just Chill: Cowboys saving grace may be a bad division

Clarence Hill

As bad as the Cowboys have played and how bleak things seem to be with losses in the first two games, the season is not lost largely because of the average play in the NFC East.

The 0-2 Cowboys are just one game behind the rest of the division. The Eagles, Redskins and Giants are all 1-1 and none look like world beaters at this point.

A 9-7 record might be good enough to win the NFC East. That’s how mediocre the division looks.

Of course, the Cowboys have to find a way to win one game before they can think about winning nine. And it won’t be easier next week at the Houston Texans, who are undefeated and flying high.

The Texans would love nothing more than to celebrate their own coming out party by burying and then dancing on the grave of their in-state rivals.

This game is an opportunity for the Texans to get out from under the Cowboys shadow. Don’t think they and their fans won’t use that as part of their motivation.

Clarence E. Hill Jr

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