Herm Edwards: If I could coach one team, it would be Cowboys


Herm Edwards: If I could coach one team, it would be Cowboys


Former Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets coach Herm Edwards discussed his coaching future on WEPN-AM in New York City.

On coaching again and what he misses: “You know what I miss: I miss the preparation during the course of the week between the players and coaches. I miss the camaraderie. I miss gameday. 30 years of it … I had a lot of fun doing it. It’s hard. It’s draining. And when you’re a good team and you get beat, you go, ‘You gotta be kidding me.’ It takes a whole week to recover. That’s the hardest part.”

Any of the 32 teams, which one would you want to take over? “You know what that one team that’s kind of interesting right now, and I shouldn’t be saying this because I am out of the NFC East and you learn to hate these guys, I shouldn’t say hate, dislike them, are the Cowboys. They are very interesting to me because they’re like the Ryder Cup team: They got all these gppd players right now, they can’t figure out how to win together. They can’t figure that out yet and I don’t know why. I sit there and watch them and I go, ‘This is amazing to me.’

“You got a good defense, got an active quarterback, some good receivers, you got three backs, not one but three of them, and you sit there and watch them play and you go, ‘What are you guys doing?’

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