Mailbag: Should The Cowboys Bring Back Greg Ellis?


BOBBY MITCHELL – FAYETTEVILLE, NC: Greg Ellis is on record, through his agent, as being willing to return to the Dallas Cowboys in a role-player capacity. Coming off the bench, and likely at a discount, can the Cowboys really do better?

Nick: I don’t think it’s needed anymore. Ellis was missed early last year when Anthony Spencer wasn’t performing at a high level. But now that the starters are set you have to give Brandon Williams and Victor Butler a chance.

Josh: Sorry to say it because I like Greg, but I don’t think he fits here anymore. I don’t think he’s as good a pass-rusher as Anthony Spencer at this point, and the Cowboys have these young guys at the position already. I don’t see Ellis being much of a contributor on special teams, either.

NATHAN BOROWSKI – GRANT, NE: With all this talk about what to do with Flozell Adams what do you think of moving him to left guard? I know Flo is getting older and the transition from tackle to guard is easier said than done, but it worked with Leonard Davis, and maybe it could extend Flo’s already great career.

Nick: I don’t think it worked with Leonard Davis because he wasn’t really ever a tackle. He should’ve been a guard all along. No, I don’t think Flo is a guard.

Josh: I’m sure the Cowboys would consider it before releasing him outright, but you’ve got to wonder whether he would really be an upgrade. Kyle Kosier had a really good season, and I don’t think Flo can pull as well as he can. It’s a different kind of athleticism needed to play guard, and at this point in his career I don’t know if Flo has the quickness.

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