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Mailbag: Nick Rob Josh

JEREMIAH CARROLL – LAKEPORT, CA: Jerry Jones said we could see 10 or 11 new players around here, yet he hasn’t made one move in free agency. Was he just pulling our leg, or is this going to be another draft of trading down for value and more picks?

Nick: I don’t see that happening considering there are only six draft picks and only a few of them will be guaranteed to make the squad. I’m sure they will sign a few free agents here but still, I don’t know where that number comes from. To me, it looks more like seven or eight, but I’m sure he knows more about what he’s going to do than anyone else. Maybe this is the calm before the storm.

Josh: I think 10 or 11 was a little ambitious to begin with, more like eight or nine, maybe. That’s not too much above the natural turnover in an NFL roster. Between this year’s draftees and the rookies who didn’t make the team last year or went on injured reserve, I don’t think it’s completely out of the question. And free agency isn’t over yet, either. There might be a flurry of activity when the deadline to sign restricted free agents to offer sheets approaches midway through April.

JUAN LARA JR. – RIO GRANDE CITY, TX: In 25 regular season games with Dallas, Roy Williams has 57 receptions, 794 yards, and eight touchdowns. In Buffalo Terrell Owens caught 55 balls for 829 yards and five TDs, despite the Bills’ poor quarterbacking. So I ask again, why not bring back T.O.?

Nick: Because Roy Williams struggled through that season and really didn’t say a whole lot about it. Sure, he expressed his frustrations and pointed out that he wasn’t on the same page with Tony Romo. But T.O. isn’t going to be as quiet and I think it was clear that he’s a little more disruptive. Now until Miles blew up the way he did, I wasn’t so sure about cutting Owens in the first place. But now that his production has been replaced, I don’t think you bring him back into the mix. Don’t you remember how calm things were last year? Yes, his absence contributed to that.

Josh: Why not bring back T.O.? Because the people who would have to deal with him, whose opinions really count, don’t want him back. There’s a reason he keeps wearing out his welcome in each city.

BRIAN SCIOSCIA – WEST ISLIP, NY: Having read that wide receiver Dez Bryant will make a pre-draft visit to the Cowboys, is it realistic to think the Cowboys would be interested if he started to slip, even though it’s not a great position of need.

Nick: Yes, I think it’s realistic to think that any player at any position would give the Cowboys interest if they slipped into their lap. The Cowboys do their own draft board with their own grades. And if for some reason, a player they have rated high is sitting there when they pick, then they’re going to be interested. And if it’s a position like quarterback where there is very little interest at the moment, that’s when Jerry gets on the phone and finds someone who is interesting in dealing. He’s done that twice and landed first-round picks for next year. Now I don’t see that happening this time around but I do think the Cowboys will jump on any player they deem to be highly-rated, that falls to them.

Josh: Despite the money that’s already tied up at the position, I think the Cowboys would have to take notice. Roy Williams is a huge question mark, obviously. Bryant’s dropping because people have off-the-field concerns, and it would be interesting to see how the Cowboys might handle a Randy Moss-type situation again. Regarding Bryant’s judgment, though, I have even more concerns after the reports he attended a Pacman Jones workout last week.

TYLER AZZARO – PALMERTON, PA: Depth is important, and the Cowboys could add some by drafting the best available player at a lot of positions. But wouldn’t taking a potential starter in the secondary be a better move?

Nick: That’s a really good question. I think the Cowboys would certainly like to draft a potential starter in the secondary, but as long as that’s exactly what it is. You can’t just go into the draft looking for a safety and then picking any safety to fill that need. I think you stick to the first part of your question and go with best-available. But if you’re sitting there with a top-rated safety and a top-rated linebacker, maybe the tiebreaker is the greater need and in this case, it would be safety.

Josh: I think the Cowboys would love it if they could find a starter with that first pick, but they won’t reach just to fill a spot. Besides, they couldn’t come back in the second round and still get a very good safety, if they wanted.

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