Mailbag: Would You Trade A RB For Cromartie?


Mailbag: Would You Trade A RB For Cromartie? Report
February 17, 2010 2:48 PM

RICK MARSTON – AUGUSTA, GA: The trade rumors involving San Diego cornerback Antonio Cromartie have begun anew. My question isn’t whether you think a trade between the Dallas Cowboys and Chargers will happen involving Tashard Choice or Marion Barber, but whether you would make the deal yourself?

Nick: No, I wouldn’t unless you’re talking about a first-round pick. Sure, Cromartie is a good player but last time I checked, most teams aren’t ready to give up on good corners. So something is up with him. Plus, that’s not really a major need for the Cowboys. Yes, you always want talented cornerbacks, but if he was that great, the Chargers wouldn’t be shopping him. As for the backs, I think you need all three of them right now. I didn’t think that before but after watching what happened with all three of them this year, it looks like it might take a combination of all three to get the job done.

Josh: I would have to learn more about Cromartie, but just based on my gut I would say yes, with either back. I can get another running back on down the line in the draft. It’s not a hard position to fill. But Cromartie has shown really good ability in the past. I wonder if he can play free safety.

JOSH FRANKEL – WINSTON SALEM, NC: You simply can’t have your starting quarterback as a holder, and Mat McBriar and Jon Kitna can’t do it. Can Stephen McGee hold, and if he can, does the team feel comfortable enough activating him as the No. 2 QB? I think the holder problem may be bigger than the problem at kicker. What can they do about this?

Nick: That’s a very good question. But I don’t know if I agree with your assessment that McBriar can’t do it. Maybe he’s not great, but as we saw, the problem wasn’t just him in terms of Nick Folk’s misses. I agree that Romo can’t be the holder so they will need to make that a strong priority this off-season. If I’m the coaching staff, I see if Kitna CAN do it. I mean why not? Quarterbacks are usually the best golfers . . . wonder why that is? Probably because they’ve got great hand-eye coordination. With a little practice, I’m sure Kitna could do it if he wanted to.

Josh: I disagree about Tony Romo not being able to do it. I think he’s the most proven guy on the team for that job, actually. Now, I would have auditions in the off-season. Can Jason Witten hold? Roy Williams? Patrick Crayton? It should again be a competition during OTAs, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Romo keeps the job, whether he likes it or not.

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